orta Techno

About Us

Orta Tech & Soft Information Systems is an IT consulting and Software development organization providing bespoke solutions across critical Mobile app, Web application and Cloud/ SaaS development projects.

We deliver innovative products at affordable prices. We are the leading providers of cost effective solutions which are scalable, reliable and built on latest technology platforms. Our best project management practices ensure quick turn-around time. All this is supported by state-of-art infrastructure to address client queries quickly.

Our Mission
Orta Tech & Soft Primary Mission Is to Help Establish Cost Effective Quality Frameworks With The Goal Of Facilitating The Overall Success Of Our Clients.
Our Vision
Our Vision Is To Maintain A Vibrant Company That Delivers High Quality Affordable Solutions.

More About Orta

Orta Tech & Soft will embark on the journey of providing unprecedented software development servies, professional consulting, in-depth tech solutions and automation for the industry that is in dire need of it. From private to public sector, we are on a path to increase the efficiency of business communications and to make them secure.

Orta Tech & Soft was established with only one corporate motto and a leading vision in mind, and that was to cause a major disrupt in the industry. We ventured into the industry with only one ideology of enabling secure access to data and information to anyone, anytime and anywhere. We only strive to provide our clients with the best of the bests in the sector we work at. 

Orta Tech & Soft surpasses competition through superior products, excellent service and continuous customer support. By utilizing the depth and breadth of our development experience and problem-solving capabilities,Ebix partners with its clients to ensure a collaborative approach to developing solutions that result in the continued success of its client.